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Solutions for Success

The NDS Solutions for Success uses a unique combination of “design, build, operate" solutions and services that enable us to meet and exceed both client and market expectations. Our focus is on simple concepts and strategies that can be put into place immediately to help our customers achieve their goals.

A significant part of a business is invested in the ability to manage and respond to new challenges. Today, effective resource planning and management are critical factors in being able to respond to customer demands, speed products to market, and deliver quality goods and services. Through customized services, NDS provides individuals and organizations with the tools they need to create and sustain successful business relationships.

Business Process Integration remains one of the top business drivers for today’s enterprise. The importance of flexible, cost effective, internal and external integration services that can connect automated business systems across the extended enterprise has never been greater.

Our customers span multiple industries, including automotive, heating & cooling, packaging, building / industrial supply and equipment, product fulfillment, and technology services. Our customer success stories show how some of these companies are using NDS solutions to reach new levels of efficiency, customer and vendor integration and ultimately, profitability.

Thoroughbred Fulfillment

Thoroughbred Fulfillment is an order fulfillment firm providing a variety of value-added services for over a dozen large clients. The primary activity is the shipment of literature, fabric samples, and amenities, along with some product assembly. All orders are shipped the same day. Thoroughbred operates in a very competitive field and must operate on fixed contract revenues with narrow margins. NDS has worked with Thoroughbred to fine-tune their order entry and material handling processes, reducing the cost and improving the speed of processing and shipping each order. NDS makes it possible for Thoroughbred to manage each client operation independently, satisfying a diverse set of sales and accounting reporting needs required by each client. This advantage has allowed Thoroughbred to aggressively seek new business in areas where their competitors can not. See what they have to say..

We decided to use the NDS ERP system after spending considerable time researching systems for use in order Fulfillment, logistics, accounting, Inventory planning and management.
NDS helps us to exceed client expectations for same day shipping, inventory accuracy and forecasting. The software package is flexible and versatile. I find the package works well by itself and is also conducive for our customization needs. We are able to interface NDS with shipping APIs to reduce labor and increase accuracy. The NDS team is efficient, friendly and they have our trust.

-Nick Suravaram, Director of Information Technologoies

AVC Corporation

AVC Corporation is a retail packaging fulfillment manufacturer and media replication company. With more than 50 years experience in custom retail packaging, AVC has established itself as a leading provider of environmentally sustainable packaging alternatives. All services are performed in-house, allowing them to offer customers turnaround times that are unrivaled in the industry.

The NDS ERP solution has been utilized by AVC Corporation since 1997. In November 2008, NDS started the build-out of their EDI communications. NDS's solution optimized the data acquisition process, so it was in tune with what AVC did. Implementation costs were controlled by leveraging standard NDS ERP functionality. Read more on this project..

In this time of economic turmoil we have to call upon all our resources to attract new clients and maintain current business. At AVC, we look to our strategic partners for support and counsel. NDS has proven to be one of these strategic partners coming up with the technology we needed to move forward. Without NDS we could have never landed some of our biggest clients. Furthermore, this moves AVC out to the forefront with new and advanced capabilities that our clients are now demanding. Great job NDS.

-Moshe Begim, President of AVC Corporation

CDI Media

Since 1982 CDI Media has grown to become one of the nation’s largest duplication centers, offering quality duplication services and unprecedented levels of customer support. CDI Media is one of the few replication companies that are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

CDI Media’s fulfillment division imports and processes thousands of sales orders daily for their various clients. The NDS sales order Import tool allows for mapping of data from multiple different file formats. Automated shipping and pick ticket printing, combined with the interface to the UPS Connectship® system allows for fast and efficient shipping. The NDS Fulfillment software provides complete data segregation, insuring that client data is not inter-mixed. The fulfillment billing calculator and billing report summarizes transactions so client invoices can be prepared. Read more..

Manufacturing Success Stories

ACME Specialty Manufacturing Company

ACME Specialty Manufacturing is the leading manufacturer of durable mirrors for OEM's of heavy duty trucks, school and transit buses, motor homes, agricultural equipment, off-road construction equipment, and military vehicles. Forty years ago, they began making durable off-road vehicle mirrors. Today, they are recognized as a premier supplier of rugged tempered glass exterior mirrors and interior mirrors for manufacturers of a wide variety of types of vehicles operating in the toughest environments.

ACME uses the NDS application for everything from manufacturing to accounting. They receive EDI planning orders from their customers and this data is used to drive Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to insure that all current and future sales orders can be produced and shipped on time. Read more..

Alto Products Corporation

Alto Products Corp. is the oldest and largest independently owned and operated clutch plate and automatic transmission parts manufacturer in the world. They are an ISO certified manufacturer servicing markets around the world. Their expertise lies in the complete design and manufacturing of bonded friction materials, stamped steel separator reaction discs, brake bands and gasket & seal kits. Capabilities include bonding, stamping, laser cutting, CNC machining, broaching, engineering, in-house tooling and design services.

Over a billion Alto clutch plates have been installed in Automotive, Heavy Duty, Hi-Performance, Marine and Motorcycle applications in the past fifty years.

Alto uses NDS applications for inventory control, manufacturing, planning, procurement and financial management of all six of their facilities, including Alto Mexico. Alto's special needs easily satisfied by the applications are co-product planning and manufacture control and the assembly of large containerized orders from multiple sites into consolidated orders for overseas shipment.

Alto are now in the early stages of deploying web applications provided by NDS to improve customer service and provide their widely distributed sales team with sophisticated sales support tools connected directly to the corporate data store.
Read more..

The planning and manufacturing production capabilities inherent in the NDS ERP system have helped Alto Products grow into the largest independently-owned manufacturer and distributor of clutch plate and automatic transmission parts in the world. With the NDS ERP solution, we are able to efficiently manage our build-to-stock, build-to-order and pick-to-order demand from more than 15 locations around the globe.

-Bob Hawkins, VP of Operations at Alto Products Corp.

Com-Corp Industries

Since 1986, Com-Corp Industries has been a provider of performance products to the OEM and tier one automotive suppliers. Their company has grown to become a full service manufacturing group. Com-Corp's affiliate, Isatec Technical Center, provides state-of-the-art product development and program management. ISO/TS 16949 certified, Com-Corp provides products at the highest quality standards.

Since 1999, Com-Corp has been utilizing the NDS ERP solution to help manage their multiple companies. The automatic inter-company purchasing and sales features in NDS allows for simple, streamlined transactions between entities, which automatically flow into the multiple general ledgers.

When Com-Corp implemented a biometric timekeeping system, NDS designed and developed an interface to insure that the new timekeeping system had all of the necessary data to allow for two way communications. NDS provides employee work order information to the timekeeping system, while it simultaneously collects labor data to update the job cost in NDS.
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Duro Dyne Corporation

Established in 1952, Duro Dyne Corporation has evolved into the leading manufacturer of sheet metal accessories and equipment for the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning industry. Over the span of the last 50 years, Duro Dyne has expanded its plant locations and now employs over 200 people in the US and Canada.

For more than ten years, Duro Dyne has used NDS applications for inventory control, manufacturing, planning (including MRP and MPS), procurement and financial management, and is now rolling out a full service bi-lingual e-commerce application from NDS. As Duro Dyne expands its reach, NDS applications are ready and able to handle the load. Read more..

Larry Methvin Installations, Inc.

LMI has been providing bathroom and closet products to the new residential market for over 30 years. They have an extensive family of products, which includes bath and shower enclosures, wardrobes, vanity and mirrors, closet and garage shelving and organizers and bathroom accessories.

LMI uses the NDS Application to process EDI sales orders, as well as send EDI advance shipment notifications and invoices. The sales orders being transmitted are configured for size, color and finish, along with other options. Manufacturing orders are automatically created for the configured product. Upon completion, the sales orders are processed through the automatic staging and shipping programs that are part of the standard NDS product. The complete process, from order entry to shipping, is easily tracked through the various production stages utilizing the NDS application. Read more..

Distribution Success Stories

Alliance Packaging

Alliance Packaging is the Northwest’s largest independent corrugated box manufacturer, from custom shipping containers to retail packaging, from stock boxes to in-store displays, from creative design to same day delivery service.

Alliance uses the NDS ERP Application to run their multiple distribution and accounting centers. The multi company capabilities in NDS allow Alliance to run each company independently while consolidating their financials to a single general ledger. They also utilize the foreign currency capabilities for writing purchase orders and making accounts payable payments. Their website uses NDS’s Xephr built shopping cart, which provides real time sales orders and provides customers with real time inventory availability, along with other features. Read more..

Cummins Engine Co.

The Cummins Industrial Center business unit of the Cummins Engine Company has been using NDS Applications systems to help them since 1989.

The CIC Custom Machining System accepts customer and shop orders from a legacy mainframe system each night and communicates inventory movements back to the legacy system in real time via RPC calls managed by NDS Xephr as operators report shop floor activity to the NDS system. The fabrication shop planners rely heavily on the work order management features of NDS to achieve extremely high on time customer order shipments.

The CIC Parts Broadcast System is used to manage the delivery of Cummins tubes and other critical engine hardware to Cummins plants worldwide. This implementation of the NDS sales order management application enjoys the highest on time delivery and customer satisfaction record of any parts delivery system in Cummins.

The CIC Material Delivery System manages the flow of all materials to the 30 liter, 19 liter and V903 engine lines. The application is a blend of NDS Xephr and NDS Oracle forms applications used for Kitting, Engine On Time Delivery verification, Right First Time recording and mixed model engine scheduling in an very fluid environment where customers can change their requirements at any time before their engine is lineset.

Cummins uses its wireless network to support portable scanners (running NDS PocketXephr) and truck and tugger mounted touch screens (running Xephr applications in a browser) to deploy these systems to the actual point of use, almost eliminating the use of paper on the shop floor. All of the NDS applications at Cummins connect to and remotely maintain the corporate business system data using Xephr enabled RPC (remote procedure call) technology.  Read more..