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Since 1985, NDS Systems has been setting the standard for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions. The NDS ERP Application, targets manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment companies, and boasts a long and successful history of satisfied clients. (click here to view testimonials)

The NDS ERP Application is an Oracle based application that began as a client server suite and evolved continuously as technology and client demand changed. The software has been completely re- engineered, and is constantly updated between major releases to keep the product on the leading edge. Enhancements include web enabled multi-tier architecture, with totally integrated business logic.

We have come to know firsthand, that technology can have a tremendous impact on all types of business processes, and great value and savings can be recognized. We also understand that a purely technical solution that does not address the true, underlying business problem, integrate into new business processes, address the impact of these changes on existing personnel, as well as carry verifiable and immediate return on investment, is just a waste of your money. We pride ourselves on designing well incorporated solutions that maximize your returns. We are skilled at determining the best ways of blending technology improvements into business process changes and leveraging your invested dollars into areas that maximize your return.